Come for the oversharing, stay for the insights

In mental health and emotional healing spaces, people talk about doing “the work.” But what exactly does that mean?

Welcome to TMI, where I do “the work” out loud, in public! (Sort of.)

I have always had an affinity for self discovery and emotional awareness. I journal about my eating disorder triggers and why I put SO MUCH of my value on my physical body. I map my codependency issues and get overwhelmed when I see how that behavior shows up in my life (hint: it’s everywhere.) I illustrate my rage because I don’t know how else to process it.

We are all on our own journeys through trauma, healing, and remembering who the f*ck we are so that we can live a life with dignity and agency. Your experiences are probably going to be a lot different from mine, but I’m hoping that you can find value in my honest oversharing.

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I'm a writer, illustrator, and chronic over-sharer. Come for the juicy details, stay for the insight you didn't know you needed. Indonesian-American. She/her.